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Your Must Have Beach Gear!

Hello, and Welcome to Twillow towels! We are Dee Noel and Diane (Dee!) Weber. Although we met years ago, for most of that time, we lived across the country from each other, and were busy raising our families (and still are!). A couple of years ago we reconnected, and we have enjoyed the best friendship ever since!

A while back we thought about decorating beach towels with fun designs, which quickly became an idea for a “stay on your chair beach towel” that won’t bunch up behind you, or blow off your chair. Then we had the idea to convert our towels into a beach tote bag, which would make carrying everything to the pool or beach easy breezy! We pulled out our sewing machines and began designing and sewing, and sewing and…! After several months of labor, the “Twillow” was born!

We had such a wonderful response to our Twillow towels from our families and friends. As word got out, orders started coming in from people who saw our beach towel-tote bags, and that led us into branding and patenting the Twillow.

We are so thankful for our families’ support and help, including some wonderful artwork by a couple of our kids. We are so blessed with all the wonderful people who have helped us along the way, and they are many!

We look forward to offering many more designs and products as our company continues to grow. We hope that you will enjoy your Twillow as much as we have enjoyed making it!

See you at the beach, the pool, the lake…

All the best,

Dee and Diane
Towels by DeeSign